District settles on insurance

Robert Blackford/Editor

Mercer County School District 404 met Wednesday June 10, at the district's bi-monthly meeting and settled on several types of insurance carriers for the district. Commercial, property, liability, workman's compensation, student and accident insurance were all decided on by the district's board.

The board agreed to purchase a parent notification system program. The software will cost the district $2 per student and will notify parents when students are absent, of early dismissals and also remind parents of events. It will also tell parents when events have been cancelled or changed. Currently the announcements are made through the local media.

Boucher said the software will notify the parents simultaneously which will be quicker than the staff can make the calls which is what happens now.  "Many districts give it rave reviews," said Boucher.

The board had the first reading of the library material selection policy and the procedure to use for objections to the material offered. Boucher said that according to Aledo librarian Marge Seivers only one time in the last 30 years has material been objected to.

In other news:

• The board reviewed the handbooks for the two elementary schools and the junior high.

• The board decided it will meet twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.

• The board is working to purchase cinders for the track.

• The board awarded the bread, milk and fuel contracts to Wonder Bread of Davenport, Jerry's Dairy of Rock Island and Halcomb Oil of Monmouth, respectively.