Eagles make their way to Mercer County

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Closeup of the head of one of the twin Eagles that will eventually grace the front entryway of Mercer County High School. The eagle statue is on display at the Mercer County Fairgrounds.

Jim Riddell started a movement to bring in a Golden Eagles statue for the new consolidated school district. He came across the statue while in Florida earlier this year. He has been collecting donations for the artwork and brought it back to Aledo on Monday, July 13.

On Tuesday, he brought the trailer with the eagles for the Aledo Area Chamber of Commerce to view at the Mercer County Fairgrounds. As he traveled the highway from Florida back to Mercer County he noticed a lot of people sticking cameras out of their cars taking pictures of the spectacle.

“I must have had 300 pictures taken of it,” he said.

The Aledo Area Chamber of Commerce members approved donating $100 towards the statue purchase.