Rockridge PSAE scores examined

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Comparison of schools and junior scores on PSAE tests.

Katie Hasson, Rockridge High School principal, and Pam Bishoff, district curriculum director presented PSAE scores to members of the Rockridge School Board Monday, Jan 11, 2010.

And how did the high school do?

“Not as well as we’d like,” said Hasson. She explained that Rockridge was not alone. “The bar keeps raising,” she explained. The No Child Left Behind bill, enacted in 2001, raises the mandatory test scores schools must meet annually. “Of 662 high schools in Illinois, only 125 made Adequete Yearly Progress (AYP),” said Hasson.

This year’s percentage of students needing to make AYP was 70 percent. “Next year it rises to 77.5 percent,” she said. “It’s very unrealistic, but it’s the hand we’re dealt.”

She told the board one of the goals for this year is to get above the state average. She said they want to put realistic goals together for the district as well as measures to reach those goals. “Right now we’re hovering at 50 percent,” she said. She said the state average percentage of students making AYP is 57 for reading and 52 for math.

The Rockridge district is in its second year of being on academic early warning status.

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