Rockridge wins district of WYSE Challenge

Robert Blackford/Editor
Members of the Rockridge High School Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering Challenge team that won first place in their regional at Carl Sandburg College Feb. 11. Front row, from the left, are: Danielle Mueller and Kelsey Swan. Middle Row: Jacqueline Klossing, Cristina Cerny, Erika Price, Codee Pedersen and Hannah Oak. Back Row: Cyrus Turner, Brittany Schultz, Addison Kistler, Jordan Gosney, Kurt Mueller, Daniel Wiegel and Samantha McGreer.

The Rockridge High School WYSE (Worldwide Youth, Science and Engineering) Academic Challenge team won its regional Thursday, Feb. 11, at Carl Sandberg College. Rockridge completes in Division 700.

"We were pretty happy with the outcome," said Pam Bischoff. Bischoff, along with Jon Lehtola coach the WYSE Challenge team.

Rockridge's 434.7 points was the top team within its division followed by Monmouth Roseville, 431.5; Farmington, 417; Sherrard, 414.7 and Knoxville, 356.9.

Students are tested in seven different categories - math, chemistry, English, physics, engineering graphics, biology and computer science.

The three chief areas the students are graded in are math, chemistry and English. "We did really well in those areas," said Bischoff. "We are really pleased. We had a real nice balance overall. We were very balanced in our performance. It says a lot about these kids as students," said Bischoff. "These are motivated students in the classroom."

Bischoff said the team won regionals in 2003-04 and went to state that year.

Bischoff said that even if the team doesn't make it to state, members of the team can advance on an individual basis.

Team members are: seniors Cristina Cerny, Jordan Gosney, Danielle Mueller, Hannah Oak, Codee Pedersen, Erika Price, Brittany Schultz, Kelsey Swan and Cyrus Turner and juniors Addison Kistler, Jacqueline Klossing, Samantha McGreer, Kurt Mueller and Daniel Wiegel.

Rockridge will compete at the sectional at Knox College March 15 with the opportunity to advance to the state competition at the University of Illinois April 20.