Sherrard hires two new principals

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Two of the newest hires at Sherrard CUSD #200.

Two recently hired principals for the Sherrard School district were introduced to the board of education Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

Victoria Connelly will be the 2010-11 Sherrard Elementary principal for a salary of $74,900 and Linda Goff is the new junior high principal, for $77,000. Both women are from Iowa. Connelly is currently an elementary principal at a Muscatine grade school. Goff is a middle school principal in Bettendorf.

Ameresco representative, Scott Engstrom, visited the meeting to explain the wind turbine performance over the previous year. Ameresco installed the school district's wind turbine more than a year ago, with it going fully on-line for the district in June 2009.

The board asked for an Ameresco representative to come to the meeting and explain how the billing works. There has been some concern that the wind turbine was not providing as much cost savings as was anticipated. The district currently has a 20-year contract with Ameresco.

Engstrom said that the savings are a function of three things -- the utility rate, the wind speed and a power production curve. "The average wind speed was lower than it has been in the past," said Engstrom.

He said that over the 20-year life of the wind turbine, the district should receive a 65 percent savings.

The district’s electricity cost has ranged from $2,000 a month to more than $16,000 a month.

Engstrom said, “The turbine is doing what it is supposed to do.”

The annual electricity cost for the junior-senior high building without the wind turbine is $152,000. With the wind turbine, Engstrom estimated the annual cost would be $105,000 a year.