CSC implements no Show attendance policy

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Beginning Monday, Jan. 10, Carl Sandburg College is implementing a mandatory attendance policy for all classes. Nonattendance during the first four days of the semester will result in the class being dropped from your schedule.

“The policy was implemented as an effort to help students who enroll in class but decide not to attend,” said Lisa Hanson, director of financial aid. “The government requires that we not pay financial aid to the student, but the student was still being charged for the class. By dropping students who do not show up for class, we free up space for students who may need that section. In addition, we will eliminate the consequences to the student who changed their mind. They will no longer find a grade of withdrawal or fail for a class they did not attend, nor will they be asked to pay for a class they did not start.”

For online and self-paced courses, this means participating in the week one discussion and/or e-mailing your instructor. If you are unable to attend due to an emergency or conflict of a serious nature, you must contact your instructor. If an instructor is not designated, you should contact the Retention Specialist at (309) 341-5483. If you are dropped from a course and wish to re-enroll, you will need instructor permission. Instructors have the right to deny you re-enrollment if the course is full or if it would be too late to make up missed work. If you decide to drop the class, it is your responsibility to verify that the course has been officially dropped from your class schedule and fees adjusted prior to the end of the 100 percent refund period.