Two more board members needed in Sherrard

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Bradley Ward is sworn in as a Sherrard Board of Education member at the April 20, 2011 school board meeting.

Two more board members needed in Sherrard

With only two individuals on the April 5, 2011 consolidated election ballot in the Sherrard School District and voters able to vote for three according to the ballot, the two individuals might have been shoe ins, except that Eric Hutchins and Brad Ward both lived in Richland Grove Township. That meant that only one of those two could be elected, based on rules of school board make-up. Hutchins sent a letter to the superintendent to have his name removed from the ballot. Unfortunately the ballot had already been printed in Mercer County.

Brad Ward, incumbent, was sworn in at the April 20, 2011 school board meeting as one of three members needed to complete the board. Two board members, Lori Baker and Angie Edmondson, did not seek re-election to their seats. Both have served on the board of education since April 2007. They did have some parting words for the board.

"Keep  pushing forward," advised Baker.

"Ask a lot of questions," was Edmondson's advice.

The board then closed it's session with the old board and restarted a new meeting with the new board.

First came elections. Dr. Tim Arbet was elected president of the board. Bradley Ward was elected vice president and Jan Viernow was elected board secretary.

The board decided to wait until the May meeting to set up committees, as suggested by Superintendent Rebecca Rodocker.

The board will be taking applications to fill the two vacant board seats. "I know of five people who are interested," said Rodocker. She added that the board seats need to be filled by individuals who do not live in Richland Grove Township. The appointed board members will serve a two-year term.

Rodocker said the school's web page ( will have a formal application form put on it. "The goal is to  have these two members come on by the May meeting."

A special meeting is set for Wednesday, May 4, at 6 p.m. to review the potential board members and have interviews with them. Rodocker said that the candidates will be given the questions they need to answer prior to the interview. One of the questions is: Give us some examples of volunteer work you have done in the community.