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Carl Sandburg College Center for Agriculture, Business and Industry (CABI) is offering the following workshops and courses during May. Classes will be held at the Educational Technology Center in the Sandburg Mall, the Center for Manufacturing Excellence building on the Main Campus or at CSC. Pre-registration is required and early registration is advised. For more information or to register, call (309) 344-1512 or visit the Educational Technology Center, Sandburg Mall, Galesburg, to register.

How to Manage Problem Employees

There was a time when people were committed to working hard and being productive in the work force. Today, however, some workers have an entitlement mentality and the labor pool includes some people who don't want a job - just a paycheck. In response to this trend, Glenn Shepard has written How to Manage Problem Employees.

Glenn has been training managers how to set new hires up for success, structure compensation packages to maximize their involvement and work ethic, deal with problem areas before they become bad behavior, and motivate slow and often unmotivated employees. In this half-day seminar you'll learn the different personality types and how to handle specific manifestations of each, including gossiping, back stabbing, direct confrontation, hypochondriacs, breaking the chain of command, and sarcasm, as well as how to terminate employees while staying on solid legal ground.

Glenn is a member of the American Management Association, the American Society for Training and Development, the National Speaker's Association, and the Society of Human Resource Management.

Some of the topics covered in How to Manage Problem Employees presentation are:

    •    3 simple things that motivate people more than money

    •    4 red flags on job apps that will save you from hiring the wrong people

    •    How to fire up teams to stay late and come in early

    •    How to protect yourself from lawsuits

    •    How to slash turnover by 50%

    •    The single best way to respond to employees who tell you how to do your job

    •    How to handle employees who break the chain of command and go over your head

    •    What to say when employees challenge you in front of others

Class will be on Tuesday, May 10, only, from 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

Costs: $129 before May 6 BUS C49 630

$149 after May 6 BUS C49 631

Educational Technology Center, Sandburg Mall

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

After completing this workshop, you'll have the skills to build and maintain long-term customer relationships, handle difficult people, and overcome barriers to customer satisfaction. By learning to define targets for superior customer service, you will create repeat business with every customer contact you make. Providing superior service means solving problems, dealing with frustrations and stress, giving and receiving feedback, avoiding placing blame on others, and communicating effectively. This course will teach you all the critical skills to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction.  Lunch will be on your own from 12-1 p.m.  Minimum of 6 students by 05/06/11 and maximum of 25 students. Class will be on Friday, May 13, only, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Cost:    $125 (Includes materials) BOC E60 530 (.5 sem. hr.)

$75  (Includes materials) BOC E60 500 (.5 sem. hr.) (College for Seniors - age 50 or more)

Educational Technology Center, Sandburg Mall

Food Service Sanitation – Full Certification

This course is for food service operators and their supervisory personnel to prepare them for the Illinois State Examination required by law. Areas of study include how to properly prepare food, required sanitation procedures and the requirements which restaurants must fulfill to meet Illinois State Health Codes. Students will take the State Exam at the end of the full 15-hour license course. Workbooks (optional) for the course may be purchased from the Carl Sandburg College Bookstore prior to the first class meeting. Limited to 20 students. Call Linda at (309) 345-3501 to register. Class will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24 and 25, only, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

FSO E01 504 (1.0 sem. hr.)

Cost: $95 includes handouts

CME Room G124

Food Service Sanitation – Refresher

This course will update Certified Food Service Sanitation managers on changes in food code and emphasize knowledge in areas of general food safety and preventing food-borne illness. This refresher course fulfills the requirements of the Illinois Department of Public Health for FSSMC license renewal. Limited to 20 students. Call Linda at (309) 345-3501 to register. Class will be on Tuesday, May 24, only, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

FSO E20 502 (.5 sem. hr.)

Cost: $49 includes handouts

CME Room G124

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