Carl Sandburg College CABI Classes for June

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Computer Basics

If you have little or no computer experience, this course introduces you to the computer. Topics include terminology, keyboard usage, basic components of a computer system, and an overview of computer applications. Discover what computers can and cannot do. Learn how to use the mouse and print, save, and open projects.  Other topics include various computer housekeeping tasks and loading various software applications.  Minimum of 6 students by 06/07/2011 and maximum of 15 students.

Class will be on Tuesdays, beginning June 14 for four weeks from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Costs:   $96 CIS E26 530 (.5 sem. hr.)  

$48 CIS E26 500 (.5 sem. hr.) (College for Seniors - age 50 or more)

CME Main Campus

Basic Keyboarding

Good typing and keyboarding skills are essential in today's workplace. Those who know how to touch type with ten fingers without looking down at the keyboard are usually more focused, more efficient, and more productive. The KAZ Method, developed in the UK by Gotham New Media, is designed to help learners master touch typing in as little as 90 minutes. Through a combination of word association and your own natural dexterity, you will learn how to type using all ten fingers and how to make firm keystrokes without looking at the keyboard or growing fatigued. This workshop contains ways to help you easily identify the keys you will focus on in each lesson as well as hands-on exercises to help you practice your new skills and test your understanding of the content. Minimum of 6 students by 06/17/11 and maximum of 15 students. Class will be on Friday, June 24, only, from 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

Costa:  $70(Includes book) CIS C27 630

$35(Includes book) CIS C19 600 (College for Seniors - age 50 or more)

CME Main Campus

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