Summer Tips For High School Students Applying To College

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For high school students completing their junior year and beginning the college application process, summer is a critical time to narrow down college choices, gather needed documentation and put strategies and a timeline into place to meet each school's requirements.

 "Many students have jobs and complete volunteer hours over the summer, however, for college-bound students entering their senior year of high school, summer also is a key time to prepare for the fall application process," said Patricia Aviezer, president of counseling and one of the founders of American College Counseling, Inc. and author of the COLLEGE bound guideTM, a monthly newsletter for college-bound students and their families.

 Aviezer shares six tips to help next year's seniors make the most of their summer vacation and stay on track with their college-bound goals and requirements:  

    •    Narrow down your college list and plan to visit the campuses of your top five college choices during the summer if classes are in session, or early fall. During your visit, schedule a meeting with the admissions and financial aid staff, and be sure to sign up for a campus tour. Campus visits demonstrate interest in a particular school, a key component in the admissions decision, so make your presence known.

    •    Prepare rough drafts of college essays and have a teacher or guidance counselor review them with you so you know what areas still need work.  This gives you plenty of time to revise, proofread and polish your essays before the fall rush to finalize college applications.

    •    If personal interviews are required at any of the colleges on your list, practice interviewing with your guidance counselor, parents or a parent's business associate. If there's a local college nearby, set up an interview so you can hone your skills, and make note of the types of questions you are asked.

    •    Before school is out, make sure you line up all your recommendation writers. Most colleges ask you to submit two letters of recommendation from teachers. Teachers will appreciate being asked well in advance of any deadlines.

    •    If you plan to retake the SAT or ACT in the fall to attain higher scores, sign up for a prep course or develop a self-study plan to help you reach your goals.

    •    Take advantage of the summer slow-down to research scholarship and other financial aid opportunities. Map out an action plan that includes a list of aid sources, application requirements and deadlines.

"Getting an early start on the college application process gives students an advantage over their peers by positioning them to put their best foot forward on the entire application package," said Aviezer.  "Using the summertime to get ahead on college applications is beneficial to anyone hoping to gain admission to a college, particularly those planning to apply early decision."

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