Western Illinois University 2011 Dean's List

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Aledo Times Record

MACOMB/MOLINE, IL -  More than 1,525 undergraduate students enrolled at Western Illinois University were named to the 2011 Spring Dean's List. The number includes 77 students at WIU-Quad Cities.

To receive this award, an undergraduate student must earn at least a 3.6 grade point average on a scale of 4.0 equals an A in 12 credit hours of graded courses; pass-fail hours are not counted (i.e. student teaching, internships).

All students earning Dean's List honors are listed by Illinois counties, cities and towns; as well as other states/towns and other nations at wiu.edu/CountyNews.

Area students are listed below:



Lisyl Marie Gustafson (Senior)

Xianxi Li (Junior)

Logan Luanne Partlow (Freshman)

Kelsey R Pence (Senior)

Kara Jayne Sloan (Senior)

Jessica Lee Toops (Sophomore)


Alyse Marie Egan (Junior)

Kayla M Winkler (Senior)


Megan Elizabeth Guthrie (Senior)

New Windsor:

Elaine K Hast (Junior)

North Henderson:

Teresa Ann Jones (Sophomore)


Gina Boehmer (Senior)

Nathan J Inman (Sophomore)


Courtnie Dianne Rigg (Senior)