Winola Elementary Studies Cotton

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Winola Elementary students learn about cotton

Students in Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Kennelly and Mrs. Burns' first grade classroom at Winola Elementary learned about cotton. Each student received their own cotton boll and then picked out the seeds. They then made their own book about cotton.

Did you know: Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793 to mechanize the process of separating the cottonseed from the fiber. He got the idea while visiting friends in the south. The basic concept of Eli Whitney's gin is the same concept used in the modern high speed gins used today.

Scientists have found fiber and boll fragments for the Tehuacan Valley of Mexico from about 7,000 years ago.

Some cotton products are padding in furniture and automobiles, cotton swabs, plastics, lacquers, feed for cattle, cottonseed oil, yarn, cloth and much more. For more information regarding this lesson, contact Teresa Kirwan, Agriculture Education Coordinator at 309-582-5106.