Sherrard to go forward with conference change

Cathy Decker
Sherrard Board of Education president Dr, Tim Arbet (right) swears in newly appointed board member Brad Boraas of Fyre Lake, who replaces longtime board member Larry Stone who recently resigned.

The Sherrard Board of Education learned of an invitation for Sherrard to become affiliated with the Big Rivers Conference (for football) and Three Rivers Conference for all other sports at Wednesday's Oct. 19 meeting.

Sherrard High School Principal Garet Egel told the board he had spoken to many of the coaches. "Overall coaches are in support of going to this," he said. "Big Rivers would like to have a decision made by December," he added.

Egel said three area schools -- Sherrard, Orion and Rockridge -- all received invitations to make the move.

"What are the disadvantages?" newly seated Board member Brad Boraas asked.

Egel said a new conference would remain competitive. He didn't list any disadvantages, and pointed to a good reduction in transportation and time spent on the road, as well as the new conference schools being mostly off of Illinois freeways, rather than country roads.

The board gave directions for Egel to pursue making the change. Egel said he would have more details for the November meeting.

Another sports related issue brought before the board was girl's freshman basketball. Athletic Director Amanda Tidwell told the board there were indications that only four girls in the freshman class had expressed interest in being on the team.

The AD discussed moving these girls into the JV team, if there is no more interest, and not hiring a freshman coach. Practice begins in about a week and a half.