Forret resigns from school board

Robert Blackford/Editor

Mercer County School Board member Kay Forret announced her resignation at the Nov. 9 meeting of the board. Forret had been a member of the Mercer County and, prior to the consolidation, and Aledo School board member, since 2002.

Superintendent of Mercer County Schools Alan Boucher said, "She was a very keep  person during the consolidation and helped make countless decisions. She brought wisdom and common sense to the board."

Certified Public Accountant Rod Davies went over the district audit with the board members. He noted that the number of days cash on hand had increased significantly. The district's financial profile, as judged by the ISBE moved from a 3.1 to a 3.9. "Last year we were under the category of 'review.' Now we are one of 'recognition'," said Boucher. "That is the highest category the ISBE has.

Boucher said the main reason for the move was the consolidation and stimulus money that came in to build up the case reserves. "The district was vulnerable financially. The consolidation took its toll."