Jacobs: Senate passes bill to pay Regional Superintendents

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) voted yesterday on two measures that will reinstate the funding to pay the Regional Superintendents of schools, the funds for which were vetoed by Governor Quinn over the summer.

“The bills we passed today put in place a short term solution to the current problem created by the Governor’s veto of funding for the regional offices of education (ROE),” stated Senator Jacobs.  “Currently the regional superintendents are working without compensation, so these measures will at least ensure there is funding until a more permanent solution can be put in place.”

Senate Bills 2147 and 2458 work together to ensure that for at least the next 12 months the regional offices of education remain funded.  There is also a provision in this bill to create a Commission for Streamlining Illinois’ Regional Offices of Education by evaluating the current funding, boundaries, duties, and responsibilities of the ROEs.  This will help to determine if there is any waste that can be cut from their budgets in the future while still providing the necessary services they offer to school districts.

The regional offices of education provide a number of vital services, including teacher certifications, GED testing, teacher training and development, and bus driver training.

Currently, the law provides that ROE superintendents and assistant superintendent salaries are paid out of the Common School Fund, which comes out of the General Revenue Fund.  This is the line that was vetoed out of the budget by the Governor over the summer.

Senate Bill 2458, the budget portion of the bill package, will ensure when the funding lines are transferred to the Personal Property Tax Replacement Fund.  By doing this, the superintendents will be able to receive their full compensation and continue the good job they do.