Cheri Bustos Meets with College Students, Discusses Job Security and Student Loan Debt

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Cheri Bustos, Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 17th District, today met with students at Augustana College in Rock Island to discuss the issues that matter to them in this election.

College students across Illinois will be graduating over the next few weeks and, like many Americans, are worried about the prospect of finding a job.   But, instead of focusing on creating jobs for those entering the market, Congress is paralyzed by politics and federal student loan interest rates are at risk of doubling.

“As Washington continues to play politics with people’s lives, college students across the 17th Congressional District are worried about what the future has in store for them,” said Bustos.  “Incumbent Congressman Bobby Schilling should show leadership and help bring an end to the gridlock that is jeopardizing the educational opportunity that every American deserves.”

“I am running for Congress because we need to fix Washington’s priorities and focus on investing in education and getting our economy moving again,” Bustos added.  “Without student loans, my college education wouldn’t have been possible.  I feel for young Americans like my sons who are grappling with student loan debt while their representatives prioritize tax breaks for big oil companies and millionaires over investing in their future.”

At today’s meeting with students, Bustos emphasized her commitment to investing in higher education and expressed her disappointment with incumbent Congressman Schilling’s decision to participate in partisan political games instead of fighting to preserve educational opportunity in America.

Cheri Bustos is a working mother with three grown sons and is married to a captain with the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department. Bustos is running to fix Washington’s priorities, responsibly cut spending and ensure that middle class families and good jobs come first.