News From Illinois City

Laura Mcginnis/Correspondent

Brenda and Alan Fikes have returned from a two-week vacation to Hawaii. A week in Honolulu and a cruise around the island for the second week.  Several family members joined them for the cruise. What a wonderful way to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Randy and Laura McGinnis hosted a Palm Sunday dinner for the Streets side of the family. In attendance were: Sarah and Dave Thomas, Liz, Ric, Ian and Maggie MacDonald, Gene and Krista Bear, Lee Gray, Bib and Bob Bergland, Amy, Bill, Trenton and Cael Duncan, Abby, Andrew, Rylan and Rydge McAlister, Ali McGinnis and James Brooks, Mary MacDonald.

Maria and Chris McCalley and girls enjoyed a visit from Chris' folks of Independence, Iowa while the children were on spring break!

Don't Forget Spring Fling at Illinois City United Methodist Church. It is on April 14 from 3-7 pm. The noodles are great!

It is good to see Ralph and Lila Keller out and about again. Also, Mary Ricketts is home and doing well after a winter stay at Carrington Place.

Happy birthday to Beulah Rudsell, Clara McKeown, Lyle Singenthaler, and Happy Anniversary to Jason and Amber Hessman.

40 DAYS---------40 NIGHTS.........It's spring, so let's get in gear~to lose a few pounds or increase our exercise. For 40 DAYS, discipline ourselves to better our health and to also better our spiritual beings. Many of us are trying to get into the groove and encouragement from others generally helps! We will meet on Monday nights from 4:30-5:30, starting April 5, 2010, in the Illinois City Church basement. You can weigh in and start your exercise goal plan. If you can't weigh in at that time, or choose to weigh in at home, just call me with your weight loss. There will be a quick weigh in and a spiritual handout. I will give everyone who participates a number and we will chart our exercise and weight loss each week. At the end of 40 days, we will have a chart to visually show us our great progress. For more information, please contact Laura McGinnis at 791-0054.

Caring & Sharing, Illinois City Community Medical Equipment Loan Program. If you are in need of medical equipment, why not borrow rather than buy? Friends in Illinois City Community have many types of equipment available for loan.  If you would like to borrow equipment or have any you would be willing to loan, please contact Marty Farwell at 791-0267 or Rikki Hetzler at 781-7770. Organized by Illinois City United Methodist Church and Illinois City Fire Department Auxiliary.