News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

And a good day to all. Have a bit of news to share with you today. This will be my last article for the paper. Bev Gryp will be taking over next week. She was the postmistress in Preemption until recently. Bev has worked on several newspapers in the past, so I know she will be an asset to the paper.

I have enjoyed my years with the TIMES. Oh, at times I could spit when not enough info was out there for me to write about. And oh how I would cringe when some soul wouldn’t want me to put in the paper an interesting article about said person. But for the most part I loved it. Writing for the paper got me out of a slump I was in. It got me around people. It kept me interested in life and what was happening in our own little world.

But there is always an end to everything, and I believe my time with the paper is up. Fresh blood needs to come in. Perhaps I had grown a little stale over the past few years. A terrible malady for a writer. If that be the case, I apologize.

Get to know Bev through her articles. She is a gem.  Everyone around Preemption knows her well. I have never heard an unkind world from her. Give her a call with the news. She will run with it. And let the paper know how you feel. A kind word about a writer is always welcome. We are so quick to say something when upset than when pleased. Nature. But let’s overcome that.

Thank you, all. You have been very kind to me. I will miss my readers. I never tired from hearing from you. Thank you - so very much.

Stephanie L. Surr

Finally off the road...