ATV route suspended in Keithsburg

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Members of the Keithsburg City Council agreed to suspend the ATV route there at the council's April meeting.

Keithsburg Mayor Arnold Askew explained with the phote calls he has been receiving in regards to the four wheelers and the dirt bikes he didn't care if the city even allowed them the courtesy of riding any longer.

Mayor Askew has been stopping several of hem and warning them to ride more responsibly and telling them they need to talk to other riders or they would not be allowed to ride anymore. The council agreed this situation was out of hand they are not simply using it as a courtesy route and they are not obeying the speed limit or street signs. After much discussion, George Askew made a motion to suspend the ATV route for four wheelers and dirt bikes.

Maxine Henry suggested amending the motion by adding that they are not allowed on public property, Linda O'Brien seconded the motion as amended. George Askew made a motion to resend his motion, no second was made to resend. The amdneded motion was voted on and accepted by all