News From Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

We have been enjoying beautiful weather, corn planting is keeping all farmers busy.

We extend our sympathy to the families of Graydon Kranz and Lois A. Anderson.

On Thursday, April 15, Rockets baseball team played the Tigers at Modern Woodman Park, Davenport.

The score, 8-3, in favor of Rockridge.

Glen Cook, Rockridge coach, said “the team played better than we did on Tuesday.” Rockridge earned six runs in the final at bat in the seventh inning.

Iowa’s Liz Watkins is now an all-around catcher. She is a 2008 Rockridge graduate and effectively swings the bat. A sophomore at Iowa she is one of the three captains of the squad. She is a member of the Iowa Student Athlete Advisory Committee. The committee has two members from each sport and represents the school in a leadership group among other Big Ten Conference Schools.

Wayne and Carol Erickson, and Ronnie and Pat Kerres returned Thursday from a week in Paris, France. They flew home just before they closed the airport in France, because of the volcanic ash.