News from Illinois City

Laura McGinnis/Correspondent

Frances Krueger and son-in-law, Gary Potter, motored to Rapid City on July 24, to see the last (congregation of 36) DC-3 planes which were little fighters in WWII. Frances recalls coming home on furlough on one of the DC-3s in 1945 from Camp Butner, North Carolina. It was quite a ride in comparison to the luxury flights of today.

Frances would like to remind everyone her yard is open to have a picnic in her front yard on Illinois City Days. She has a lot of shade, and enjoys the time with friends.

Abby and Andy McAlister and boys entertained 125 guests at a potluck - “weiner roast” on Saturday evening. It was a beautiful evening. A bounce tent was enjoyed by the children. Abby will be on her way to UAE in the City of Al-Ain for a teaching position. Andy and the boys Rydge and Rylan will follow in about  four weeks. Good luck to the McAllisters in their BIG adventure.

Nikki Ross and James Bishop announced their upcoming marriage on Oct. 2. Toni & Howard Ross are the ministers at Illinois City Church and James’ parents were from Joy (Westmer Larger Parish). James’ father retired from the parish in Joy. Congratulations to them.

Rikki and James Hetzler  and girls are moving this week to the house on the hill across from Pine Bluff Church. Months of hard work are finally going to be enjoyed by the family.

Lila and Ralph Keller, Dean and Judy Tomlin of Indiana, Dwain and Helen Tomlin of Columbus Junction, Vicki Linder and Vi Davidge of Quad-Cities met at China Buffet for lunch. It was Helen’s birthday. Dean was back for a class reunion also.

Ralph is feeling better after a two-day stay in the hospital this past week.

Peggy and Ron Heaton returned from Fairfield Glade, Tenn., where they had a family get together. Peggy’s sister, Donna and husband and three grandchildren, the Heaton’s son, Richard, and daughters, Susan and Cathy, and families were also there. The group enjoyed swimming, pee wee golf and area scenery for the week. The resort is approximately 70 miles east of Nashville.

Randy and Laura McGinnis entertained Bonnie and Alan Ricketts of Aledo, Abby McAlister and boys for noon luncheon. The Ricketts were neighbors of the McGinnis’ in the Aledo farming area.