News from Illinois City

Laura McGinnis/Correspondent

Lloyd and Pat Terrill met with family members at the Andalusia Family Café last week. Those attending were: Kim Terrill, Scott and Jackie Terrill, Michelle Terrill, Katie Pearson and Trenton Andrew Pearson Esquire! Everyone enjoyed visiting and delicious breakfast.

The Hilltop Greenhouse crew met at Ducky's in Andalusia for a surprise birthday party for Denny Hunt. Those attending were Sharon Bergherfer, Ruth Chard, Judy Halford, Pauline Robinson, John and Phyllis Reynolds, Randy McGinnis. Tony and Laurie Barber, Megan and David. Denny is the "fry-it" guy at Hilltop!

A Bridal shower will be held on Aug. 21 at 10:30 a.m. for Nikki Ross. It will be held at the Illinois City Methodist Church. Anyone is invited to this joyous affair. Nikki will marry James Bishop. Nikki's colors are dark purple and dark green. Come and enjoy a breakfast brunch. The couple will be married Oct. 2.

Marty and Sheldon Farwell have enjoyed a summer photo vacation to Crater Lake and a tour up the Oregon Coast. A group of eight photo folks enjoyed the tour. The Farwells also enjoyed time at Door County Wisconsin with their children and grandchildren.

Ryde and Ryland McAlister stayed with each grandparent. Bob and Mary McAlister of Aledo, Patsy and Lloyd Kenney of Edginton and Randy and Louise McGinnes of Iowa City, Iowa. They will leave on Saturday with their parents, Andy and Abby McAlister for Al-Alin in UAE for a teaching job with Teach Away.

Kyle, Roxanne and Montgomery Anders along with Jay, Julie and Jordan Lloyd vacationed in South Carolina. A tour of Fort Sumner, a Navy vessel, Submarine, and Air Craft Carrier were enjoyed by the families.

When in Ashville, the group toured the Biltmore House with massive gardens in full bloom. A great time for all.