News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

(Aug. 16, 2010) Kathellen Worthington spent a couple of days last week in Rochelle visiting with her son and family, Victor and Melody, children Wyatt and Vivian.

Cherry Simmons of Biggsville with her grandchildren, Jackson and Grace Seitz, visited her father, Irvin Galusha, on Saturday.

Helen Jane Nicol entertained with a birthday breakfast last Sunday morning for her daughter, Mary Ann McCann of Oneida and her granddaughter Ashley Gridley of Monmouth. The ladies’ families were also present.

Kari Jrusmark of Los Angles, Calif., spent the weekend with Lucille and Bill Biddle.

The new sidewalk work in town has been completed. Hopefully, the grass seed planted along the construction areas won’t turn into watergrass. The bleachers at the ballpark will be, or have been, given a new coat of paint. Also a “Children Playing” sign will be put up at the ballpark.

Bible School is being held this week from 3:30 until 8:30 p.m. The children’s program will be during worship on Aug. 29.

Don’t forget the picture taken for a new directory on Sept. 7. A signup sheet select time is in the back room of the Church.

Still collecting items for the Starting Point and Jamieson Center.

Greeters for Aug. 29 are Sue and Bill Hawk.

A new tie often attracts the soup of the day.