News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

(Aug. 17, 2010) Mel, Susan and Tyson Blaser returned home from Cape Cod, Mass. Saturday, Aug. 14. Tyson had played baseball with the University of Iowa ball team. After the season they vacationed in the Cape Cod and Boston area before returning home.

College bound students attending Reynolds Methodist Church, Sunday, Aug. 15 were Hailey Kitchell, Chelsey and Ashley Widdop, John McCutchan, Amanda Van Daele and Tyson Blaser.

Carter Leonard Anthony was baptized Sunday, Aug. 15 in Reynolds Methodist Church. He is the son of Leslie and Damon Anthony. His grandparents are Leonard and Mary Knox, and Fran and Dan Anthony, Matherville. Wendy Joe and Paul Burnett, Aurora were godparents. These people and the minister, Rev. Mark Slaate were dinner guests of Mary and Leonard Knox.

Mrs. Shirley Parchert spent the weekend with her son, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Parchert, and son, Jackson, Myrtle Beach, S.C. They celebrated Jackson’s first birthday.

The William Rutherford Reunion was held near Joy, Sunday, Aug. 15 at William Rutherfords. There were 72 present. Coralee Krueger was the oldest family member present.

Wednesday, Aug. 11, at the VFW. building in Aledo, the Alzheimer Ass’n presented information to the public about care-giving. Lunch was provided by the Hy-Vee. Several health related vendors were present.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe DeMarli vacationed in Belgium, Germany and Austria for two weeks and returned Saturday, Aug. 14. The weather was much cooler than Illinois. They were members of the Blue Horizon Travel, Orion.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bohansack and Mr. and Mrs. Art Ernat were also in the group.

Rockridge School District started Thursday, Aug. 20, with half day classes.

John McCutchan, pianist, and Mary Knox, organist, played for us Sunday morning. Anita Sedam sang the special number. Bob Brooks was liturgist.  Kathy Rowe was greeter.