News From Seaton

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

 Dave and Marcia Duncan with grandsons, Trent and Cael Duncan, traveled on Sunday to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to visit Dave's cousins, Jim and Cheryl Wormley. Ryan and Gwen Wormley and family from Woodstock were visiting also. On the return trip Monday, Duncans stopped near Stillman Valley for lunch with Marcia's college friends, Dave and Judy Sbragia.

Ida Steepleton had off work last weekend so she drove to Paw Paw, to the home of her nephew and his family. Lane and Robin McCannon were hosting the annual birthday party for their son and daughter, Shane and Morgan. Shane and Morgan's birthdays are only weeks apart and Shane 16 on  August 12 and Morgan 15 on July 3. Ida returned on Sunday night.

The Class of 1970 from Westmer had a great reunion weekend with over half of their class participating in the three-day event. On Friday night, a lot of other alumni from Westmer joined them in New Boston at Portside.