News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Saturday, Sept. 4, was Milan Indian Summer Parade. Sherrard High School Band, under the direction of Robert Brooks, Rockridge High School Band and Rock Island High School Bank, Office of Regional Supt. of Schools, Jim Widdop, and Johhannes Bus Service with Mrs. Joe De Marlie participating represented our area in the parade.

The two beautiful banners made by Karen Gillett adorn our Reynolds Methodist Church. They are changed frequently. We appreciate all the work that goes into them. We also have new flowers in the pulpit.

Sunday, Sept. 5, we sang "Happy Birthday" for Ed Marple celebrating that day.

Rev. Mark Slaatte will give devotions this week, September 6-10 on WRMJ each morning.

Mrs. Mary Hansen spent Saturday, Sept. 4 with her son, Marc at Univ. of Illinois, Urbana., helping him celebrate his 21st birthday. The remainder of the Labor Day weekend, she spent with her mother, Mrs. Patricia Stetson.

Sunday, September 12 will be Promotion Sunday during worships. We will have a welcome potluck after worship for Rev. Mark.