News From Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Bob Perrin accompanied by his sister Marilyn and brother Don who were in Wheaton recently to attend a cousin’s funeral.

Kathleen and Lyle Worthington traveled to Rochelle last Friday to attend Grandparents Day at their grandchildren’s (Faith and Joe) school. The grandchildren returned home with the grandparents for a short stay.

Mary and Don Bertelsen attended the second birthday party for their great granddaughter Nora Bertelsen, daughter of Andy and Sarah Bertelsen of Rock Island.

Sue Campbell returned Tuesday after visiting her son and wife, Cody and Jane Van Fleet, in Pacatella, Idaho. While there, she got to spend time with her small granddaughter, Briella.

Irvin Galusha entertained in his home with Sunday dinner for Marge Simmons of Monmouth, Dottie Haverson, Rick, Majia, Carol Guilinger of Roseville, Mildred Holford, Mildred and Gene Burgland of Biggsville, Beulah Burgland of Kirkwood, Cherry Simmons, Matt, Holly, Grace and Jackson Seitz, Halley Simmons, Tom Williams, Heather Boyela and daughter, Irelynn of Stronghurst, Carol Guilinger of Roseville.

Mary Lincoln, a former Little York community resident, is a patient of the Rosewood Nursing Home in Galesburg. Mary’s room number is 811.

The Little Cedar Congregation enjoyed special music by the Adult Choir, with Jean Cooper at the organ.

Everyone ready to set the clock back Sunday? Communion will be observed at Little Cedar.

The Annual Congregational Meeting will be Nov. 14 after worship. Lunch will follow.

Greeters for Nov. 12 - Sharon and Riley Raymond.

A filing cabinet is where papers get lost alphabetically.