Upcoming Thanksgiving Week travel delays

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

(Nov. 15, 2010) -- AccuWeather.com reports the worst travel conditions will be across the northern Plains into the northern Rockies. That area will have very cold weather and the potential for snow and slippery travel. Specifically, areas from Minnesota through Montana down to northern Colorado into western Nebraska will be impacted by snow and cold weather. That means travel along Interstate 94 from Minneapolis to Billings, Mont., will be slippery as well as I-90 through Wyoming and North Dakota.

Travel along I-25 from through Wyoming to Denver will have its share of slower and icy travel conditions. Another area of potential problems will be along I-80 through Wyoming into western Nebraska where snow and blowing snow will occur.

Parts of eastern Washington along I-90 could have icy conditions due to the colder weather. It is not out of the question that snow and ice problems occur in Seattle early in the week.

Wednesday, the travel problems will shift into the Great Lakes where snow showers will occur. Some lake-effect snow will fall around the lakes, which could impact I-80 and I-90 that run from western New York to Chicago. Lake snow could also impact I-75 from Saginaw north into the Upper Peninsula.

Across the eastern part of the country, warmer weather during the first half of the week will limit the travel problems, but later in the week, a storm will move through with rain and a turn to colder weather.

We are watching the weekend after Thanksgiving for a potential snowstorm in the Northeast, but right now, it is a little early to tell if it is coming or not. If it does occur, travel during the afternoon on Thanksgiving could be impacted across much of the Northeast.