Illinois City News

Laura McGinnis/Correspondent

James and Nikki Bishop arrived home to the Ross on Friday a.m. at 6:00. They drove from Ohio home for holidays. They will make their home in E. Moline. Nathan Ross arrives from Arizona on Tuesday prior to Christmas.

The Pine Bluff church hosted a crowd for the Youth Group Christmas Story Program Thursday night. A light supper was served after the program. The program was an old time Christmas Radio setting. A very interesting program.

Kyle and Roxanne Anders and Montgomery attended  a Friday night program for Jenna at Western lll. University. She is graduating with honors on Saturday. Others attending were Maxine Sedam. Congrats to Jenna!

Randy and Laura McGinnis entertained Lou and Sue Sutton of Aledo and Gary and Cherie of Eliza for Sunday evening meals. The Baldwins leave for Clarksville, Tenn. to visit Danielle Baldwin and children.

Ron and Peggy Heaton enjoyed a long week end in Terra Haute, Ind. Their son, Richard’s daughter Sarah, graduated from Indiana University. Their grandson Alex from Fort Steward, Ind. also came to join the celebration.

Frances Kreuger has enjoyed visits from different family members and lo and behold, her right hand is not better - she was taken to a different doctor and her right thumb area has a fracture! So cards to Frances who won’t be playing the organ at church for a while!

Last Friday night Rikki Hetezler and daughter Madison and Austyn entertained  the “church ladies”. A delicious meal was served after a tour of the newly remodeled home. A short devotion lesson on love was presented. A free will offering for missions was given. Those attending were Marian McGreer, Paulette McGreer, Sara Kreuger, Laura McGinnis, Marty Farwell, Leora Feldman, Lori Ricketts and guest, Pat Downey.

Randy and Laura McGinnis enjoyed a Saturday evening party at Bill and Amy Duncan and Trent and Cael with the Truman families. On Monday night, we enjoyed a pasta party at the Duncans with the Dave Thomas’, Ric MacDonald and Ali McGinnis. Th Duncans have remodeled the farm home and enjoyed entertaining.

Happy Birthday to Ralph Keller - 90th

Happy Birthday to Alexis Bassett and Laurie Carpenter

Happy Anniversary to Rick and Maxine Sedam and Paul and Jo Ann Danner.