Reynolds News

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Joyce Spengler, Boynton Beach, Florida, arrived Wednesday, Dec. 22, to spend the holidays with her parent, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hampton and other relatives.

Tuesday, Dec. 21, guests of Beulah Venable were Mel and Susan Blaser, Rev. Mark Slaatte, Tyson Blaser and Holley Begyn.

Dick and Bonnie Curry entertained for Christmas Day, Marty Curry, Rock Island, Vickie and Todd Ireland, Milan,  Amanda Curry and David Curry.

Christmas day, Mel and Susan Blaser entertained their family - Tucker Blaser and Anna Gulbrandsen, St. Louis, Mo., Tyson Balser, Holley Begyn, Frank and Sandra Venable, Chelsy Oak, Dalton Armstrong and Beulah Venable.

Marge Lloyd entertained Christmas Day, Blair and Sara Blaser and family, Dave and Kim Lloyd and family, Barney and Tiffanee Lloyd and family, Steve and Renee Lloyd and family and Andy Lloyd.

Christmas Eve Henry Brooks, Quincy, Karen and Bob Books, and Sarah Brooks, Durango, Colo., visited with Chuck and Trina Brooks, Meredosia.

Sunday, Dec. 26, Virginia Moffitt hosted the family - Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brooks, Sarah Brooks, Durango, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brooks, Taylorville, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Moffitt, Andrea Baracks and Alex and Justin Moffitt.

Sunday, Dec. 19, Sharon Mueller family celebrated together for Christmas at Sharon's home. Those attending were Jackie, Matt, Dylan, and Zack Tracy Bloomington, Julie Robinson, Matt, Jenny, and Avak Robinson, New Windsor, Amanda, and Damon Pearson, Jeanne Mueller an Sharon Mueller.

Christmas Day, Jeanne and Sharon Mueller celebrated with Myrna Matlick. Kyle, Tina, Karly and Tanner Matlick, Joey Lincoln and Dale Wolf, Kim Lincoln, and Jenna Lincoln were also guests.

Bill and Pat Goodnight celebrated Christmas night, Debbie and Richard Farnsworth and family, Betsy Goodnight and families, Cathy and Patrick Fowler and family, Josh and Ashley Fowler, Springfield, Va., Jeff and Amy Goodnight and family - about 50 people.

John, Stephanie, and Tiffany Hoyt celebrated Christmas Day with Ken and Ruth Hoyt in Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Hoyt celebrated Christmas in Denver, Colo.

Wayne and Carol Erickson entertained for Christmas day, David, Tammy, Nick and Bradley Erickson, Mike, Mary Sue, Haley Kichell, Jessie Rennison, Sarah Dean, Sally Bowman, Matt and Denise Carson, Savannah, Ga.

Joe and Mary Lou DeMarlie had Christmas dinner guests Kristin, Chris, and Ben DeMarlie, Noel and Ron Dyke, Renton, Wash., Art and Mary Ernat, Matthew Ernat, and daughters, Mike and Chris Ernat and boys, Mariera Ernat, Marty Thomas and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ernat and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ernat and girls - 26 people

Paul and Lucinda Parchert entertained on Christmas Day Justin Parchert, Abby and Kyle Deppert, Tremont, Melinda, Doug and Hannah House, Plaver, Wis., Bryan and Lucille Elliott, Reynolds, Genevieve Parchert, Illinois City.

Cindy and Kenny Flack celebrated Christmas Eve attending Gloria Dei church services with their families. Christmas day they celebrated with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Baker, Abingdon, and families.

Christmas Eve guests at Jim and Connie Widdops' home - Chelsey, Ashley, Jim and Connie Widdop, Brent Schurr, Rev. Mark Slaate, Fred and Marie Fuller, Jim and Linda Widdop, Coralie Kueger, and Keith Doonan.

Christmas day Jim, Connie, Chelsey and Ashley Widdop visited Ivan Anderson at Mercer Co. Nursing Home, Aledo. 

Steve and Sherry Oak entertained Christmas Eve - Wendell and Elaine Oak, Jonathon Oak, Stephani and Travis Norris, Norman, LaVonne and David Wait, Mike Wheeler and Jan, Frank and Sandra Venable, Chelsy Oak and Dalton Armstrong.

Christmas Day guests were Ron and Rita Castor, Bryan and Paige Shrake, New Orleans, La., Wendell and Elaine Oak, Stephani and Travis Norris and Jonathon Oak.

Jeff, Jane and Anna Otten entertained Christmas Day, Mrs. Helen Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Otten, Aledo. Mary, Marc and Gregg Hansen, Northbrook, Sid Stetson, Newport, Ore., Marlowe Albrecht and daughters, Brittany and Melissa, Moline, an Tim Stetson's daughter, Lexi, were guests Christmas day of Patty Stetson.

Jerry and Delora Hall entertained Christmas Eve - Randy and Wanda Hall and family. Justin Hall was home from the service from Egypt. Sam and Cheryl Peterson and family, Dan and Jo Holland family, Tom and Vicky Hall and family, Gina and Chris Rowe and family.

All the Kranz families came Christmas Even, Dec. 24, to Marilyn Kranzs' home.

Christmas Eve was celebrated at Cara and Robert Kadel's  house by Errol and Rosalie Davis' families. Guests were Amy and Dennis Root and family, Jim and Carolyn Davis and family, East Moline, Car and Robert Kadel and family, Melissa and Rory Conklin and family, Davenport, Jennifer and Jim Dailing, and family, and Julie Davis and family.

Area football all-stars named by the Dispatch-Argus are Rockridge, Mitch Bayne, Sr., unanimous first team, All West Central conference, Tanner Martin Sr., first team All West Central Conference, Jeremy McManus, Sr., unanimous first team, All West Central Conference, Eli Simmons Jr., unanimous first team All-West Central Conference. Honorable Mention Connor Frankes, Hunter Frakes and Jacob McManus.

Sunday, December 26, Darren Hall delivered the sermons while Rev. mark Slaattee, Reynolds-Taylor Ridge United Methodist Churches is visiting his family for Christmas holidays. His family live in North Carolina.