News From Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Shirley and Bob Darrah entertained their two sons and families for Christmas dinner, John and family of Dubuque, Ia., Jerry and Kris with their two daughters.

Marjorie Smith had Christmas dinner for all of her family.

Marjorie Mills started her Christmas on Wednesday evening when Bruce, Susan, Rachel and Jacob, John and Nikki, Tony and Dawn with Lexi and Luke had dinner with her.

Dick and JoAnn Clark spent Christmas Day with the Gary Edmonds family.

David and Linda Dutton entertained their family December 23rd. Those attending included Melissa an Jim Bennett and family of Rosetta, Matt and Kristin Dutton and family of Alexis, Krystal and Nick Carlson and Asher of Monmouth and Kayla and Jayla Damer of Onedia. Christmas morning, David and Linda went to the home of Matt and Kristin Dutton to watch their grandchildren open gifts and enjoy brunch. Later, Pastor Anges Brady of Norwood Church joined them for lunch.

On Sunday, Marge Mills had a dinner for her sons, Rex and his family Tory and Brenda with Teagan, Cort and Faith with Bodi of Pekin, Susan and David Icenogle of Belleville, Tanner, Tyler and Hillary.

Debra and Jim Darrah hosted the Christmas Day dinner for their daughters and families, Shelli and Mark Hanson with daughter,  Brooke and Shelli and Scott Walters and family of Carman.

Bob Perrin spent Friday evening with his son, John and family in Monmouth. On Christmas Day, Bob met with Marilyn, Wilbur, Donald Perrin, John and Barbara Owens, Jerry and Sandy Perrin of Parkview, Iowa at the Homestead in Woodhull for dinner.

On Christmas Eve, Maxine Stoutt was a dinner guest of her daughter and husband, Brian, and Millinda Clark of Rozetta. On Christmas day, she was a guest of her sister and husband, Ruby and Cecil Miller of Alexis. On Sunday, Maxine had dinner for David, Megan, Noah, Sky and Kayley Stoutt of East Moline.

Diane and Jeff Carver were Sunday dinner guests of her sister and husband, Dawn and Dave Tammons of Galesburg.

Effie Book had Christmas dinner for all of her family except Mike in Tucson, who called later in the day.

Helen Jane Nicol spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with her Mary Ann and John McCann of Oneida, also present were Corey McCann and friend, Lindsay, Jared and daughter Payton of Rio. On Sunday, they all were at Helen Jane's home for brunch.

Gladys and Jim Free had Christmas dinner with Marilyn Kinkaid in Monmouth.

There will be no Bible Studies or Choir practice until January.

Family night for the Little Cedar congregation will be at the "Y" on Jan. 22.

The Church will have a soup lunch on February 27th.

Greeters for Jan. 9 - Tom and Sue Bertelsen.

Faith is the bird that sings while it is still dark.