News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Lucille Biddle accompanied her daughter Debbie Donahue to Meadows to visit her granddaughter Mollie from Friday until Sunday.

Marge Mills accompanied by Shirley Garner and Sandy Peterson attended a bridal shower in Bellville for Hillary Icenaugle this past weekend.

Bruce and Sue Mills spent New Year’s Eve with friends at Lake Geneva.

There was a good attendance at Courtyard last Saturday morning when Little Cedar was entertaining the residents.

Anyone interested in joining the youth group at Snow Star on the Jan. 28 may call Nancy Olson for information.

Afternoon Bible Study is Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Valentine's.

Prayer time and choir practice will follow Logos at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Little Cedar is planning on "Art of Marriage" retreat, if interested, contact Pastor David or Linda.

Family night at the "Y" will be held Jan. 22.

There will be a Soup Lunch at Little Cedar on Feb. 27 - mark your calendar!!

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