News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Marge Mills returned home last Monday afternoon after traveling to Belleville on Saturday to attend the wedding reception of her granddaughter, Hillary Icenaugle Patterson.

Mary Ann Iserman came last Friday evening to visit her father, Irvin Galusha. On Saturday morning, Beulah Burgland and her daughter, Lisa Moyers, Milly and Eugene Galusha and Tom Galusha were breakfast guests of Mary Ann and Irvin. On Sunday morning, Cherry Simmons of Biggsville joined Mary Ann and Irvin when they went to Monmouth to the cemetery to decorate graves. Afterward, they had lunch at Peteys in Monmouth and were joined by Lisa Moyers, Millie and Eugene Galusha. Mary Ann left for her home in Libertyville the following day.

Debra and Jim Darrah celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on Saturday evening when all of their family gathered for supper at Hammers in Galesburg.

Marjorie Smith attended the World Day of Prayer meeting on Friday at the Fairview Center Methodist Church.

Andy Detterman of Kansas City spent Saturday and Sunday visiting his grandparents, Clyde and Helen Campbell.

Stacy and Andy Hall and their friend, Mindy Clark, were Sunday dinner guests of Carol and Leroy Valentine.

Gladys and Jim Free were visitors of Maxine and Charles Hale of Monmouth on Sunday afternoon.

Debra Darrah attended the Mother of Twins Club on Tuesday held at the Maple City Bake Shop. Bob Clark from New York is visiting his parents Jo Ann and Dick Clark.

If anyone who attended the Soup Lunch held at the Little Cedar Church in Little York on Sunday, Feb. 27 should find an extra tan, large jacket, please phone and leave a message at 729-5120. We would greatly appreciate it.

Little Cedar Church hosted the Ash Wednesday Service at 7 p.m. (after Logos).

Those interested in the "Mission Trip" should come Friday, March 18, for an informational video.