News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Dr. Otto K. Van Roekel, 88, a long time Aledo-Reynolds area veterinarian, died Friday, April 1, in Aledo. Memorial services will be held later.

The Reynolds United Methodist Church is having new carpet installed beginning Monday, April 4.

Mel and Betty Blaser, Mel and Susan Blaser, Beulah Venable, Tucker Blaser, St. Louis, Holley Begyn, Macomb, attended the University of Iowa baseball game, Iowa City, Saturday, April 2. Iowa played Michigan State. Tyson Blaser is catcher.

Tuesday, April 5, was consolidated general election day at Reynolds American Legion Bldg. Mary Jeanne Parchert, Bonnie Curry, LaVonne Wait and Gary Hund were election judges. Nick Bull, Merrill Allen and Leonard Knox were candidates for the Reynolds Village Board. Jeff Widdop, Michael McCarthy, James McKilly, Steve Frakes, and Dan Nenemmen were candidates for the Rockridge School Board.

The Johannes family spent Sunday, April 3, as dinner guests of Joe and Mary Lou De Marlie. Three things were being celebrated -- Joe and Mary Lou's new house, Charles Johannes 60th birthday and a new baby, Carston Michael Fisher, who joined the family. There were 45-50 people in the group.

On Tuesday, April 5, the Lenten Service was held at St. Patrick's Church.

Monday, April 4, Donna and Francis Mack visited their niece, Mildred Farwell, in Galesburg.

Helen Peterson fell in Casey's in Reynolds Tuesday, April 5, breaking her hip. She is a patient at Trinity West hospital.