News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

(April 18, 2011) On Saturday, Marjorie Smith attended a bridal shower for her granddaughter Ann Erlandson of Chicago, at the Monmouth Lutheran Church. On Sunday, she joined other members of her family at a brunch at the home of her daughter and husband, Kathy and Dave Erlandson.

Marge Mills was pleased to keep two of her great-grandchildren Saturday night, Kendall age three and Teagan Mills age five, children of Tory and Brenda Mills.

Susie Simpson's sister, Barbara Granquist of Rochester, Minn., spent Sunday afternoon and night with her.

Jim and Gladys Free visited on Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Niven McVey of Elmwood on Sunday afternoon.

Irvin Galusha attended a shower for his granddaughter Haley Simons, sponsored by her Aunt Mary Ann Eiserman from Libertyville, at the Scottsdale College on Saturday. Beulah Burgland hosted the Easter dinner for the Burgland and Galusha families on Sunday. Mary Ann Eiserman, her daughter Melissa, and granddaughter Amy Lynn, all of Libertyville, visited Irvin over the weekend.

Little York is very proud to have one of our residents, Larry Eckhardt receive a DAR award, a National Medal of Honor.

The Playground Committee is making plans for more playground equipment at the ballpark. They would also like to serve breakfast on the Village-wide yard sale day, which will be the weekend of Memorial Day.

The Little Cedar congregation enjoyed special music Sunday morning when the Adult Choir sang "The Lord Will Be My Shepherd."

The Easter egg hunt was well attended in spite of the wet weather, kids don't seem to mind a bit of rain.

There was a combined Maundy Thursday service, with Sugar Tree Grove and Seaton/Sunbeam on April  21 at 7 p.m. It was a very special service with scripture, music and Communion.

The Easter service was at 7 a.m. with breakfast following.

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