News from Little York News

Florence Carver/Correspondent

(April 25, 2011) Shirley and Bob Darrah were last Wednesday supper guests of JoAnn and Dick Clark.

Sue Campbell was pleased to have her son Cody VanFleet of Idaho spend time with her and Greg last week. Sue and Greg also had the Easter dinner for the Helen and Clyde Campbell family.

Jerry and Kris Darrah with daughter Emily had Easter dinner with parents Shirley and Bob Darrah.

Marjorie Smith was an Easter day dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Smith of Monmouth.

Suzie Simpson attended the North Henderson Lutheran Church on Easter Sunday when her four great-grandchildren were baptized. They are children of Josie and Mike Lair of Alexis. They celebrated Olivia's 12th birthday also with a family dinner.

Marge Mills left last Friday to spend a few days with her daughter and husband, Susan and David Icenogle in Bellville.

Helen Jane Nicol spent Easter weekend in the home of her daughter and husband, Mary Ann and John McCann of Oneida. She got acquainted with her great-grandchildren, Madison and Cameron Gridley, of Tacoma, Wash.

Diane and Florence Carver were Saturday noon guests of Diane's daughter and family, Maggie and Nate Wallace and children Jalyn and Paxson of Galesburg. In the evening Diane, Jeff and Florence Carver were supper guests of Mary Ann and John McCann of Oneida.

Easter dinner guests of Shirley and Bob Darrah were Jerry, Kris and Emily Darrah.

The Little Cedar Presbyterian Church congregation enjoyed special music Sunday morning when the Adult choir sang "Alleluiah! He is Risen!"

Congratulations to Dave and Colleen Corbin on their marriage Saturday.

Next Sunday, the Ecumenical Singers will provide the worship service.

Talk to Doris about giving to the Prayer Blanket project.

The Youth Group of Little Cedar is selling Avon products and pottery items to make money for their mission trip. Information is on the table in the back.

Thursday Bible Study is at 1:30 p.m. at Carol Valentine's and 6:30 p.m. at Linda Dutton's.

Church Women United of Monmouth and vicinity. May Friendship Day is Friday, May 6 at the Faith United Presbyterian Church, 200 South 8th St., Monmouth. Breakfast is at 9 a.m. with the program "Living Our Friendship, passing on the Key" led by Barbara Patterson of Gerlaw. Everyone is welcome. Come share the fellowship!

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