News From Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Helen Peterson came home Wed., April 20 after a fall and breaking her hip. She was a patient for 15 days at Trinity West Hospital. She will have more therapy at Mercer Co. Hospital. She has been making wonderful progress and recovery.

Wednesday, April 20, Univ. of Iowa boys' baseball team played Western Ill. Univ., Macomb at Modern Woodmen Park, Davenport. The diamond was surrounded by water. Tyson Blaser is catcher for the team. That night he was designated hitter. Beulah and Frank Venable, Mel and Susan Blaser, Mel and Betty Blaser, Matt and Kay Wynn, Kathy, Holley, Allison and Rollin Begyn attended.

Area basketball all stars for 2011 selected by Dispatch-Argus first team players were Rockridge - Joe Heath, junior. Honorable mention for Rockridge was Tanner Martin, son of Susan Martin.

Jim Widdop, Rock Island County Regional Office of Education, regional superintendent will become Silvis Junior High principal for the 2011-2012 school year. Widdop said he wanted to be closer to the educational process and work with kids. His new position starts in August.

David and Eric Curry and Esphanie, Vickie and Todd Ireland, Amanda Curry, Marty Curry and Dick and Bonnie Curry celebrated Easter and Amanda Curry and David Curry's birthdays. Marty Curry was the chef for the barbecued ribs cookout. This was Easter, April 24 and held at Bonnie and Dick Curry's house.

Jim and Jackie O'Leary had a surprise party celebration for their granddaughter's 16th birthday, Ashlyn Howlett. About 50 people and friends and relatives attended on Saturday, April 23.

Merrill and Mary Allen and Merrill's sister, Jeannine Fuller celebrated Easter dinner at the Iowa Machine Shed.

Kim and Dave Lloyd and family, Rick and Barb Ayers, Kelly and Jason Johanes and family and Mike McClellan celebrated Easter dinner at Liberty Station in Aledo.

Mr. and Mrs. Blair Blaser and family entertained for Easter - Mrs. Marge Lloyd, Brian Lloyd and family, Earl and Joyce Robbins, Ron Robbins, Steve and Renee Lloyd and family, Andrew Lloyd, and Harold and Ann Blaser.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Curtis returned Wednesday, April 20 from their winter home in Florida.

Bryan and Lucille Elliott celebrated Easter with the Parchert families at Bill and Marilyn Parchert's.

Frank and Sandra Venable and Chelsy Oak entertained for Easter dinner - Wendell and Elaine Oak, Rita and Ronnie Castor, Jonathon Oak, Trevis and Stephanie Norris, Steve and Sherry Oak, and Beulah Venable. Bev and Kyle Kaiser joined them in the afternoon. They also celebrated Stephanie's birthday. She is now 21 years old.

Bill and Pat Goodnight entertained for Easter dinner - Debbie and Richard Farnsworth and family, Betsy Goodnight and family, Pat and Cathy Fowler and family, and Jeff and Amy Goodnight and family.

Bob and Karen Brooks, Patrick and Casey Brooks, Jeremy and Brandon Lafary attended the Cubs game in Chicago on Saturday, April 23. Easter Sunday, Bob and Karen Brooks, Duane and Brenda Moffitt and family, Virginia Moffitt, Jeremy and Brandon Lafary ate at the Welcome Inn for Easter dinner.

Alycia and Andy, Todd and Julie and K.J., Becky, Jeff, Lexi and Erica and Joan were Easter dinner guests of Gary and Ruth Hund. They also celebrated Alycia's birthday.

Joannie and Sam Boney and Marshall Boney, Monmouth, John and Stephanie Hoyt, Rock Island, Kenny and Ruth Hoyt were guests of Jack and Andrea Newton.

Marilyn Kranz entertained for Easter dinner, Jeff and family, Rhonda and family, Bill and family, Kim and family, Gary and Ann Hampton and families, Dorothy Terrell and families.

Saturday night, April 23 Jack and Rhonda Massey entertained for Easter their family, Aaron, Susan and Lela Massey, Chicago, Amber, Kourtney, MaKenzie and Karrigan Kiddoo, Adam Trisha, Taylea, Chandler, Landon and Sawyer Massey, and Imogene Massey, Illinois City. They had an Easter egg hunt Sunday morning.

Tucker Blaser and Anna Gulbrandsen, St. Louis, Mel and Susan Blaser, Mel and Betty Blaser attended the baseball game at Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City on Saturday. Easter Sunday, Mel and Susan Blaser, Tucker Blaser and Anna, St. Louis, Frank Venable, Beulah Venable, Matt, Kay, Emily and Jake Wynn attended the Easter breakfast at Reynolds Methodist church.

Helen Peterson entertained for Easter dinner Sunday, April 24 - Gary and Diane Peterson and families and La June Lindburg and families.

Easter dinner guests of Dennis, Amy, Ashley Root and Pat Englund were - Errol and Rosie Davis, Cara and Bob Kadel and family, Jim and Carolyn Davis and family, Missy and Ray Cocklin, Julie Davis and Dean Gauley and Marrissa, Jennifer and Jim Dailing and family.

Joe and Paula Wesenberg for Easter dinner entertained Vey Booth, Rhonda Wesenberg and Nathan Wesenberg and family.

Gary Hund conducted the 7 a.m. sunrise Easter breakfast at the Reynolds Methodist church. Tami Clarke was pianist, Marlene Phillips read the scripture, Kent Hessman delivered the message, Bob Brooks played the trumpet solo and accompanied the songs for both services. The Easter breakfast followed the service.

Michael and Laura Cumby, Florida, Chad, Sophie and Julia Cumby, Chicago, Margaret Doonan, Rock Island, Jane Cumby, Kelly, Al, Enzo and Xavier Biala, Chicago were Easter dinner guests of Tracy and Mary Doonan. Michael and Laura Cumby spent the weekend with Jane Cumby.

Coralie Krueger and Dianne Verschoore went Wednesday, April 20 to spend the Easter weekend with her daughter, Mike and Wendy Dwinal, Tyler and Chase, Bloomington. They returned Monday, April 25.

Wayne and Carol Erickson entertained the following in their home on Easter: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kitchell and Haley, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Erickson, Nick and Bradley, Jessie Rennison, Sarah Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bleuer and Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robinson and family, Douglas Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Kerres, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Green, Sam Hutchinson and Norma Werkheiser.