News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Happy 18th birthday to Hillary Campbell. To celebrate, her grandparents, Helen and Clyde Campbell, Joan and John Gittings of Stronghurst, Robin and Ron Miller, Chris Rabe, Darrell Gittings with Dayna and Ruby, had supper with Shari and Russ and family on Sunday evening.

Lucille Biddle accompanied by her daughter Debbie Donahue of Carman spent from Thursday until Sunday with her daughter Molly Goffett of Rolling Meadows.

Sue Campbell, accompanied by her mother, Barb Conn of Monmouth, visited on Sunday with her daughter, Heather Van Fleet in Burlington, Iowa.

Gladys and Jim Free were supper guests of their son Berry on Saturday evening, with Berry's children Megan and Bob Cook of St. Charles and Matt and Canadace Free of Bloomington.

Sunday afternoon visitors of Suzie Simpson were Donnie and Marilou Simpson with their daughter Linda DePorter of Milan. Supper guests of Suzie were Mike and Josie Lair and their family of Alexis, Jim, Jane and Keaton Simpson.

Marjorie Smith was a dinner guest on Sunday of her son John and his family of Farmington.

Helen Jane Nicol held a Sunday morning breakfast for her family. Present were Mary Ann and John McCann of Oneida, their daughters Corey McCann and Lindsay Higgerson and daughter Peighton, Diane, Jeff and Florence Carver.

Marge Mills has been celebrating Mother's Day, on Saturday evening the Bruce and John Mills families took her out for supper, Sunday noon Tony Mills and his children took her to lunch, in the evening she attended a cook-out.

Effie Boock entertained any of her children that were available with a cook-out on Sunday noon.

Diane Carver spent part of her day with her daughter and family, Maggie and Nate Wallace and children Jalynn and Paxson of Galesburg.

The Little Cedar Church will have a bake sale on Saturday, May 28.

There are times when silence is worth its weight in gold.