News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr

Hello, old friends.  Tis I, Stephanie, once again coming to you through the Small Town News of The TIMES RECORD.  Yes, I have returned after a short stint roaming the streets of Matherville, twiddling my thumbs, with little to do with all that news that our little town holds. There must be a way to get it out. For others to enjoy. For others to learn. Well, perhaps a touch high-brow, but...

I have returned. Unlike SHANE. Once again I am asking, no begging, for that information out there that others devour eagerly. I'm on my knees. Call me. Everyone is entitled to their fifteen minutes of fame.

I stopped at the post office the other day -- Informed Kell, behind the counter, that I was resuming my  journalistic career. Asked her if she would inform anyone with news to get a hold of me. Kell turned her head up to one side. Pointed her fingers to herself and, "What about me? I'm the new Officer in Carge here at the Matherville Post Office." (Obviously it had been awhile since I have written for the paper as this bit of info did not occur to me to be noteworthy until mentioned. I must work at this.)

Kell Sackfield Bivens hailed from Marston. Yes, I asked the same question.  Where is Marston? West of Hamlet. (Still much to know.) Kell hasd been with the USPS since October of 2002. Her mother is Seville Sackfield Bivens.  (Aha...Now many are recalling.) Ethel Green is her aunt.

Kell, "SINGLE", (Was I too obvious?) enjoys meeting people so she is looking forward to her stint in our little community. Make her welcome.

As I was at the PO, Joan Strom entered. I asked her how the taverns were doing. Was then informed that Joan had sold Krusteez to Dan Robinson in December. (There is much that I have missed.) I had seen Dan at the bar many a time, but...

Dan also came from a family known in Matherville from years back. Robo and Tammy Robinson are his parents and Red (d) and Louise Robinson are his grandparents. I played many a game of pitch with his grandparents years ago.

Much has remained the same at Krusteez, but there have been changes. The menu has expanded. Hard ice cream is back. Great for sundaes and shakes. Taco Wednesdays are still going strong. Eat-ins as well as Take-outs keep the kitchen busy. Summer plans are still in the works.

Now, on to the kitchen. Who should we find behind the counter than Little Iodine. Yes, Corliss Miller is back in town. After a few years in South Carolina. Corliss is now residing in Sherrard until a more permenant abode becomes available. Just recently did she become the supervisor of the pizza part of Krusteez. She's ran many a restaurant, with exceptional results in all cases.

For those of you who do not know why Corliss is another part of Matherville history, her parents Rudy (d) and Corlie (d) ran Miller's Tap for years. Corlie was an old car buddy of mine. Corliss grew up knowing how to run a business well.

Stop in and give the duo a big "Hello."

Give me a call. Love to hear from you. We all would.