News from Illinois City

Laura McGinnis, Correspondent

Kelsey Murphy from Arkansas was back for a week stay with family and friends. She stayed with Bill and Lori Jarrett of Illinois City for a few days.

    Randy and Laura McGinnis entertained Dave and Sarah Thomas of Buffalo Prairie, Whatt Thomas of Chicago, Ric and Liz MacDonald and Ian, Lee Gray of Hamlet, Diana Gray and Bruce Marren of St. Louis, Amy and Bill Duncan, Trent and Cael, Gene and Krista Bear of Aledo, Ali McGinnis and James Brooks of Silvis for Saturday evening dinner. A toast of rhubarb wine started the evening in honor of the upcoming Rhubarb Fest. You may move from Aledo, but the Fest is still celebrated!

    Evelyn McGinnis enjoyed a Memorial Day get together for Shannon's birthday, her granddaughter, at Steve and Glenna McGinnis'. Evelyn also went to Aledo with her sister Laveta Bear for lunch and the Aledo cemetery for the Memorial holiday.

    The Pine Bluff area is a busy one. The Jay Lloyds are finishing a beautiful back yard landscape, the Gierlus' are working on a beautiful back yard landscape, and the Hetzlers across from Pine Bluff Church have mastered their steep front yard – what a view they have! A new generation at work.

    Lori Picketts returned from a week vacation at Orange Beach, Alabama. Her daughter-in-law Ami and daughter Traci also joined her. The weather was great. Lori's mother from Florida also joined in the fun at oceanside.

    George McGreer is at home, recuperating well post-surgery. He is up to rides and enjoys company. It's good to see George improving.

    Ralph Keller was transferred to Lutheran Homes for his post-surgery recovery in Iowa City hospital.

    It is graduation time – the Illinois City United Methodist Church wil lhonor Jared Swab - 8th grade, Samantha McGreer – high school, Angie Einfeldt – Muscatine Jr. College, Whitney Mier – St. Ambrose, Nathan Ross – Masters from Northern Arizona University, and Amber Freyermuth – Law School at University of Illinois. A coffee hour was held prior to church, with a presentation of graduates to the congregation.

    Fred and Janet Bryant returned from Big Creek Ranch, Heart Horn, Missouri trail ride. It was a rainy week, but the rides were good. Frank and Nancy Preston, Randy and Terry Staley, and Dwight and Fredde Cocklin also enjoyed the week. These couples all enjoy “horsing” around and are all from Illinois City.

    Sympathy to Velma Whitney family on her death last week.