News from Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr

And another happy week has flown by.  Only a few floods, tornados and such have passed us by this week.  Things are looking up.

A big THANK YOU to Pat Slavish.  Pat has, for a number of years, taken care of the flower beds up at the OLD SCHOOL PARK.  The Johnson family places flowers in front of the pavilion, while Pat takes care of the rest and tends all throughout the season.  It's not like she hasn't anything else to do.  Her own yard is a showcase with the floral magic.  Let's all take care and put a little effort into our yards, especially for the Centennial.

Matherville will be hosting its annual townwide yardsale May 11th.  Many have signed up,  KRUSTEEZ is even opening much earlier to assist those in need of nourishment due to the work involved in buying.  Early Saturday morning the restaurant will open for breakfast.  Pigs in a blanket and breakfast pizza will be offered.  Coffee will also be on hand  Stop by for a bite and see the changes made to the establishment.

Have you noticed that school is out?  Can't be missed.  There are street loads of young milling about.  Our cars must become atuned to this early event.  Take a little extra time and watch out for those unexpected encounters.  They will occur.