Matherville News

Stephanie L. Surr

Enjoying school being out for the summer?  They're everywhere aren't they?  You know who I mean.  The kids.  Gotta love 'em.  But they're everywhere.

Matherville will be celebrating the town's one hundredth year in existence.  Looks pretty good for a girl her age. A huge celebratory weekend will take place from July 1 through July 3.  A band will play every night.  There will be a parade on Saturday.  A baseball tournament  is scheduled for Sunday.  (Sign your team up.)    Free activities will be available to the children throughout.  Food vendors will offer a variety of goods.  The Eagle's Hall will house a history of Matherville through donated items.  Something will be happening at all hours.  Sunday night at dusk the Fire Department's annual fireworks display will take place at the lake.  (Rain date will be on the 4th)  Pork chops and such will be offered prior to the display..

Think about bringing old pictures of people you don't recognize that were from Matherville.  Perhaps a family member of that person would love to either have the picture or make a copy.

Show your support for the town and attend.

Here's my rage.  Why is there so little in the food department that has low sodium.  I have been looking for low or no sodium cottage cheese for a very long time and it can't be found in this area.  Not even health food stores.  Guess we're not so heath conscious a nation after all.  A local store in the Quad Cities tried to take the very low sodium tuna off the counters a while back  Through many calls to both the store's corporate office and the tuna company, I got it back on the shelf.  Otherwise, I was informed, there was no place within a hundred miles to purchase the tuna.  That's not so good news to someone who has had a stroke and must watch everything she eats.  

Make a complaint if there is any item out not there that should be. The squeaky wheel does get the oil.  I'm making noise,