Box Resigns From County Board

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Charles Box resigned from the Mercer County Board following a heated debate over a hiring Genesis Health System to provide a temporary administrator for the Mercer County Nursing Home. Current administrator Roger Brannan is resigning on August 12, and an interim administrator was needed to prevent the nursing home from shutting down, per state law. Box's resignation is effective today, August 3.

The text of his resignation follows:

August 2, 2011

Mercer County Board

Phyllis Bewley, County Clerk

Maxine Henry, Chairwoman


I'd like to comment about the activities and direction in which the County Board has been going. The Peoples' interests are not being considered. It also seems that there is no concern for violating our laws and it is becoming a common practice.

No one is looking. We have no excuse for violation of any of our rules. The reason that this is happening is that the Board is not being made to be accountable for its actions.

The Board has been discussing filling the vacant Nursing Home Administrator's position. In their zeal for a "quick fix" solution, they over ruled the Home Committee and voted to hire administrative services from the hospital in violation of established procedures. It is my opinion that having this type of mind set will be the demise of our County Nursing Home. I've seen a lot of things going on in our County and this is about as wrong as it gets. I do not accept this and it has brought me to realize that my position on the County Board is not compatible with its activities.

I am giving notice that effective August 3, 2011, I am resigning my position on the Mercer County Board. I have enjoyed helping and serving our County. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.

Thank you,

Charles Box, District III