Little York News

Florence Carver

    Recent visitors of Evelyn Neil were her son Larry and family of Fallon, Nevada, Martin and his family of St. Louis, Mo. and Tom Avery of Kirkwood.

    Leroy and Carol Valentine took a short vacation recently when they were in Wisconsin.

    Greg and Sue Campbell spent last Saturday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. While there they got to visit with Barbara, Steve, and their daughter Kourtney Determan from Early, Iowa.

    Maxine and Charles Hail visited on Sunday afternoon with Gladys and Jim Free.

    Helen Jane Nicol, Diane, Jeff and Florence Carver were in Galesburg on Sunday evening to help Mary Ann McCann of Oneida celebrate her birthday. Also present were her daughters Corey McCann and Lindsay, Jared and Peighten Higgerson.

    The Little Cedar Church lunch on Sunday to celebrate Little Cedar's 50th anniversary was well attended.

    Clyde and Helen Campbell and Mr. and Mrs. John Giddings of Stronghurst were Sunday night suppers guests of Russ and Sherry Campbell and their family.

    The Youth will be in charge of the church service next Sunday, with J.C. Campbell giving the message.

    Sunday School will start again on September 11 for all classes.

    Please contact Carol Valentine or one of the Session members for pastoral care or "prayer requests" for Call-em-all.

    Thursday Bible Study will meet at Carol Valentine's home at 1:30.

    Talk to Doris Lee about giving to the Prayer Blanket project.

    Jamieson Center and Starting Point need items for their food pantries.

    Greeters for August 28 - Leroy and Carol Valentine, September 4 - Mike and Joan Anderson.

    Cats are smarter than dogs, you can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.