Dan Galusha is elected to Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

On Aug. 15 and 16, 2011 the Fresh water Fishing Awards Committee met in Hayward, Wisc. Many candidates were considered, but only a few were selected for this prestigious honor.

Included in the inductees was Dan Galusha of Milan, who was inducted for 2012 Legendary Communicator. In order to be considered for this award, a person must have developed a unique communication means or avenue, which was instrumental in introducing fishing to the public or in maintaining public interests or awareness.

Through his work via seminars, the organization of special events, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, television and radio Dan has educated and informed anglers for over 30 years.   While most of his work has been in the Midwest, Dan’s considerable body of work has been national in scope as well.  

Dan’s promotional efforts have helped with continued trout stocking programs in the Bull Shoals, Arkansas and Davenport, Iowa areas.  During a special program for troubled kids in a Davenport school, Dan was asked to take some of the kid’s fishing as a special reward at the end of the season.  When he handed a stocked tackle box to one of the kids, he was asked, “Is this really mine to keep?”  Dan responded, “Yes, but promise to use it for fishing and get more involved in the sport.”  

Dan has been the recipient of several media awards.  Most notably, in 2008, Dan won the first place AGLOW Crafts Award in the Television Fishing Category for a show about fishing with mulberries.  He has won a total of 15 media awards in television, radio and writing.  Dan also has 16 world records and 139 state fishing awards.  Another of Dan's significant achievements, that he co-produced with award winning videographer Brad Mosier, and hosted, is "The World of Virgil Ward," an award winning documentary for PBS about the life of one of fishing's most famous legends.

As Dan always says in closing his column and shows, “Until next time, get out on the water and enjoy a great day of fishing.”  Dan closing line is emblematic of his enduring efforts to promote fresh water sportfishing.