Mahons celebrate 55th anniversary

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

James and Sally (Thompson) Mahon will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary on Nov 3. They were married by Rev. Leonard Whitlock at the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon in 1956. Sally lived with her mother SeVern in West Frankfort and Jim was attending college at the University of Illinois, but lived with his parents Harold and Edith Mahon of St. Peter at the time of their wedding.

Both are originally born and raised in southern Illinois, yet after marriage, they did a considerable amount of travel. Upon Jim’s graduation from college, they first moved to Princeton, then later to Petersburg, this is where Sally completed her education as a Registered Nurse (RN). Then in 1968 they moved to Aledo, and then to Sparta. Upon retirement in 1989, they sold their house in Sparta and traveled in their fifth wheel trailer throughout North America including Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. While in retirement these past 22 years, they have “base camped” in Heber Springs Arkansas, Tucson Arizona, and Longview Texas.

Jim and Sally will be flying to Hawaii for a week at the end of Oct. Hawaii is the very last state that they have not already traveled to/visited in the United States. On their anniversary day, they will leave Kona Island and travel to Oahu Island to visit Waikiki Beach. They will take in several different sights while in Hawaii for the week. They will fly back to Dallas/Fort Worth on Nov. 7, and then drive back to Longview, Texas.