What's on your Bucket List?

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Steve Doyle

Times Record Correspondent

Would you like to be spotlighted in our paper?  Right now we want to hear about your bucket lists.  Do you have a bucket list? Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but maybe haven’t gotten it done yet? Or did you finally get to check it off your list? Did you get to go to a professional sporting event or take a once in a lifetime trip? Let us know and we’ll get it in your local paper. Give us a call or send us an email and let your name be highlighted in one of our editions.  We’ll contact you and get something written up about it.

We’ll start with an item on the bucket list of a Times Record employee, Penny Doyle.  

 “For the longest time, I had wanted to skydive” said Penny.  “Many years ago, her friend’s husband was a skydiver and invited Penny to watch.  She said it looked like a lot of fun and thought it would be a blast to give it a try, but just put it off.  Several years went by when she became friends with someone and he mentioned that he was a skydiver. That caught her attention.  He said they actually had a class coming up soon so Penny suggested it to some of her friends as something to do as a group and she got the ball rolling. They camped out the night before their class outside the hangar of the airstrip in Annawan where “Trackers Skydiving Team” was based.  

Class took place and they all went up at separate times for their first static line jump.  It’s where you’re chute is connected to the airplane so after you step out of the plane, place your feet on the foot plate and grasp the strut, then you wait for the instructor to tell you to let go. Once you release, your parachute opens and then following the instructor’s voice on the receiver you wear, and what you learned in class, you’re talked down to the ground. “I was so excited!” she said.  “While we were up in the plane, they opened the door and I was right next to it. It took my breath away. Then I was instructed to exit.  Amazingly the strut on the wing looked like it went out 20 yards and the foot plate that I was supposed to step onto was the size of a half dollar.  I didn’t panic though.  I held on and watched for my signal to release and TADA…I was under an open parachute and drifting like a bird. The view was great!”. Penny listened to instructions as to when to pull her toggle and turn and then finally when she got close to the ground, to brake, using both toggles. She said she walked in her first jump and smiled for weeks after it was done. She also couldn’t leave it at that so she ended up going out and added more jumps to her log book.

She got that marked off her bucket list.  Her bucket list isn’t done yet though.  Now…to fly a glider plane.

Contact us at 309-582-5112 or email pdoyle@aledotimesrecord.com  to share your bucket list with our readers.