Last year for hot beef at the NWR

Penny Doyle
of the Aledo Times Record

NEW WINDSOR — With the New Windsor Rodeo taking place this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there is a bit of excitement in the area. Some are looking forward to watching or being a part of the parade. Then there are those who can’t wait to see the broncs and bulls or steer wrestling. The kid’s excitement with all the rides and games is a joy to see. Then there’s the food. Yes you have funnel cakes and corn dogs but tradition in New Windsor for many is to sit down in the al fresco style area provided by the New Windsor Presbyterian Church. What starts as an empty pavilion and a lot of hauling in tables, counter, steam station, etc…they have an outdoor restaurant.

Food items available are breakfast items, sandwiches, pies and after a brief conversation with Peg Scranton, this will be the last year they will be serving the hot beef sandwiches with potatoes and gravy. For many it was what they looked forward to and have not been let down. After asking the reasoning behind the decision, Peg replied “lack of help”.  It’s understandable after coming back from COVID issues and also the time it all takes. Peg stated that their committee met and after much discussion they agreed that it would be best since it is so time consuming. She said five of the ladies on the committee had been doing their part for 15 years. "It’s sad in a way," said Peg, but they all sighed relief after the decision saying…"this is the last year." 

They got a whopping 527 pounds of beef to cook this year. It’s usually 20 women cooking the meat and 10 men cutting it, which takes hours. Plus making the mashed potatoes AND the gravy. Then at least 10 to 12 people to serve. Of course you have clean up and tear down. It’s definitely nice to be able to get some food and sit down to eat so if you have enjoyed the roast beef in the past, make sure you get your fill this year and thanks to all those who have had a part in providing the delicious hot beef sandwiches in the past.