Churchill offers Galesburg police chance at active-shooter training in a school setting

Samuel Lisec
Galesburg Register-Mail
Galesburg Police used the former Churchill Junior High School building to train for an active shooter.

GALESBURG — While the city of Galesburg is still deciding what to do with the former Churchill Junior High, the city police found use for the building.

The Galesburg Police Department completed its annual active-shooter training inside the Churchill Junior High School building the week of Sept. 5.

Galesburg Police Chief Russel Idle said the training lasted a week long and involved at least four hours of training for each police officer with different drills in the school’s now empty classrooms, hallways and bathrooms. 

Idle said the city’s police department conducts active-shooter training every year and decided to conduct their drills in Churchill this year as the city recently acquired the school building from Galesburg School District 205 in May. 

"It's something you hope never happens in your community, but we just want to make sure if it ever does that you're ready, your department is trained and that everyone is trained the same way,” Idle said.