Bustos Campaign Keeps Word, Accepts Rockford Debate

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Today, Cheri Bustos, Democratic nominee for Illinois 17th Congressional District, accepted a debate invitation from the Rockford Register and WREX Television. The campaign is now scheduled to debate in Peoria, the Quad-Cities and Rockford.

“We are pleased to accept this debate in Rockford, keeping our word to give voters in the Peoria, Quad-Cities and Rockford areas the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates,” said Allison Jaslow Campaign Manager for Cheri Bustos. The Bustos Campaign was the first to commit to a debate, agreeing to an appearance as far back as March. “I understand Rep. Schilling’ hesitation when it comes to debating since his record is out of step with the people of this district, but I hope that the public will be able to see both of the candidates debate in Rockford.”

“The election is about priorities,” Jaslow said. “Bobby Schilling has a record of supporting failed trade policies and tax cuts for big corporations that ship our jobs overseas, and proudly supports Paul Ryan’s controversial budget, which would end Medicare as we know it. Those are the wrong priorities for the hard working families across Illinois.

“Cheri Bustos wants to fix Washington’s priorities, cut spending responsibly and ensure that middle class families and good jobs come first. She will protect social security and Medicare for our seniors and future generations. And, these debates will allow voters to hear directly from the candidates about the clear differences in their priorities.”

Full debate details are not yet available but it will take place on October 17th in Rockford. There will be an opportunity for the public to attend the event but the details are also not yet available.

A debate in the Quad Cities on Oct. 11 has already been agreed to by both campaigns and will be held at WQAD’s studio in Moline and co-sponsored by the Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch. The Campaign also accepted a debate hosted by WTVP on Oct. 25 and an invitation to appear at a forum hosted by the Greater Quad-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 30.